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Bill Brumett

LUTCF, President


Bill received his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Arkansas in 1969.  Shortly after graduation he moved to Pine Bluff and joined the Pine Bluff Jaycees.  He held a number of titles in the local chapter and was eventually elected President of the Arkansas Jaycees in 1979.  

After his success in the Jaycees, Bill was recruited as the Director of Manpower Development by Chase National Life Insurance Company.  The company increased production by 50 times in the first 18 months and the sales force increased by over 250%. 


Bill and Judy, formed Brumett Agency, Inc.   In June of 1985, they created NewLife Insurance Marketing, an alliance of independent insurance and financial services professionals to combine their efforts to achieve better products for their clients.

In 1999,  the couple bought Tax Centers of America franchises and began helping clients with income tax preparation and electronic tax filing.  A year later, Bill teamed up with Mack Milner, with Milner Insurance Group of Pine Bluff, to offer auto insurance under the name of Auto Express.  

Bill is a member of numerous organizations in Pine Bluff including the Chamber of Commerce, NRA, Duck's Unlimited, and the National and Arkansas Association of Insurance and Financial Advisers.  He is a certified instructor with Arkansas Insurance Department.  He is also a Third Ward Alderman for Pine Bluff. 

Bill and Judy are heavily involved in the Pine Bluff American-Eastern Little League Girls Fast Pitch Softball.  Bill serves as the league president and Judy is the player agent.  

Judy Brumett

Secretary - Treasurer

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Our services include...

Life Insurance

Out of every 100 Americans born 65 years ago, 63 are dependent on friends, relatives or charity to get by, 29 have died, 4 are still working, 3 have NO estate and only 1 is well-to-do.  With 40 years to make it, 9 out of 10 end up dead or dead broke.  Where will you be?  Let us help you start today to set aside money for tomorrow.


With our partners at Tarkenton Financial, we can provide you plans that will guarantee your principal, let you share in the gains in the market, but protect you from any losses.  You get all the ups and none of the downs in the market.  At retirement the plan can provide an income that you cannot outlive.  Money is available for emergencies along the way.  Even when the stock market goes down, you can sleep confident your money is safe.

Disability & Cancer Insurance

If you get sick or hurt and cannot work, where will the money come from to provide for you and your family?   We can guarantee you a tax free income to help you through these times.  The risk is 1 in 8 will be disabled for longer than 90 days before age 65.  1 in 3 women and 1 in 2 men will develop cancer in their lifetime.  Today most people don't die quickly but the loss of income and cost of recovery can be huge.  

Home & Auto Insurance

Auto, Motorcycle, ATV & RV Insurance and Home Owners Insurance. Express offers insurance for everybody.  You can buy it at our office and pay for it at our Pine Bluff office.   No checking account required.  Low Monthly payments.



Coy Thompson

Jonesboro, AR

Lee McQueen

Advanced Sales Consultant

West Memphis, AR. 

Lester Sieber

Stuttgart, AR

Charlie Smith

Atkins, AR. 

Krystal Stafford

Agency Services


Agent Advisory Council

Don Richardson

Training Director


Aaron Cagle

Licensed Agent: aaroncagle@brumettagency.com

Bobby Bennett

Batesville, AR

Charles Roberts

Tarkenton Financial

Atlanta, GA

4822 Dollarway Road

Pine Bluff, AR  71602


P. O. Box 1602
Pine Bluff, AR  71613




(870) 534-6977


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