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Of every 100 Americans born 65 years ago

63 are dependent on friends, relatives or charity to get by,

29 have died,

4 are still working,

3 have NO estate and

only 1 is Well to Do...

...With 40 years to make it,

9 out of 10 end up dead or dead broke.


Where will you be?


Let us help you start today to set aside money for tomorrow.

The only money that will be there when you get there

is what you send on ahead.

Contact information

4822 Dollarway Road

Pine Bluff, AR  71602


P. O. Box 1602
Pine Bluff, AR  71613



(870) 534-6977


(870) 534-6996

Education Planning

Tax Advantaged Savings

Need Help?

Contact us and we'll get you info to help you with your needs.

Annuities:  Fixed 5.6% and Indexed to 7%


IRA:  Regular and Roth 5.6% to 7%


CD Alternatives:  No More Taxes


IRA (Insured Retirement Alternatives)

Universal Life:  Tax Deferred Growth & Tax Free Income

Single Premium Life:  Guaranteed Tax Free Transfer


Transfer from Annuity to Life Insurance to avoid the Tax Time Bomb

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