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...since 1979. has been offering agent members the advantages of the captive system, but with all the freedom of the independent agency system. Professional Agents and Agencies become members and pool their business to provide their customers very competitive products and superb client services. Members, experienced and first timers, are offered the unique opportunity to build their own agency within the structure. Recruiting and sponsor overrides are paid for referred agents and clients. Management contracts are also available with overrides and bonuses for reaching production levels.

Contact information

4822 Dollarway Road

Pine Bluff, AR  71602


P. O. Box 1602
Pine Bluff, AR  71613



(870) 534-6977


(870) 534-6996


Brumett and Associates will coop leads to help you reach your target market. Contact us with zip codes you want to work and type client you want to target. We will research through our sources and give you projected returns and costs.

Looking for an agent in your area?

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With us you will be in business for yourself, but not by yourself.  We provide products, training, underwriting services and top commissions.  

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